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ICC Room 132-133

100 S Capitol Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46225

Events at this location


Wednesday26Oct.9:30 a.m.Wednesday10:30 a.m.Your Words Have Worth

Wednesday26Oct.11:00 a.m.Wednesday12:00 p.m.Your Words Have Worth

Wednesday26Oct.2:00 p.m.Wednesday3:00 p.m.Habits: Your Best Frienemy

Wednesday26Oct.6:00 p.m.Wednesday7:00 p.m.Finding Friends in Agriculture

Wednesday26Oct.6:00 p.m.Wednesday7:00 p.m.Leadership Circus

Wednesday26Oct.7:30 p.m.Wednesday8:30 p.m.Finding Friends in Agriculture

Thursday27Oct.9:00 a.m.Thursday10:00 a.m.Mentorship Matters

Thursday27Oct.10:30 a.m.Thursday11:30 a.m.Habits: Your Best Frienemy

Thursday27Oct.12:00 p.m.Thursday1:00 p.m.Be Kind to Your Mind

Thursday27Oct.1:30 p.m.Thursday2:30 p.m.Leadership is Influence

Thursday27Oct.3:00 p.m.Thursday4:00 p.m.Know Yourself to Grow Yourself

Thursday27Oct.6:00 p.m.Thursday7:00 p.m.Leadership Circus

Thursday27Oct.6:00 p.m.Thursday7:00 p.m.Finding Friends in Agriculture

Thursday27Oct.7:30 p.m.Thursday8:30 p.m.Finding Friends in Agriculture

Friday28Oct.9:00 a.m.Friday10:00 a.m.See It, Solve It, Share It

Friday28Oct.10:30 a.m.Friday11:30 a.m.Know Your Worth

Friday28Oct.12:00 p.m.Friday1:00 p.m.Leadership is Influence

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