Student and Teacher Workshops

Your convention and expo experience isn’t complete until you’ve attended at least one leadership and personal growth workshop! Student workshops help members develop premier leadership, personal growth, and career success, while teacher workshops provide teachers with new ideas and activities to integrate into their classrooms.

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Student Workshops

Teacher Workshops

Virtual Student Workshops

See It, Solve It, Share It

Are you ready to serve your community? Recently the needs of our neighbors increased due to the pandemic. In this session, learn how to plan a service project that makes an impact.

Leadership is Influence

What we say and do makes a difference. We’ll spend time understanding how influence and persuasion work, ensuring we are making a positive difference.

3 Skills All Advocates Have

Becoming a master advocate is no easy feat. This workshop will teach you three skills you must master to do so.

Getting Where You Want to Go

There are some basic professional steps everyone must take in life. We’ll cover a few steps to create a standout resume, nailing the interview and developing your network.

Know Yourself to Grow Yourself

As students, we learn about a variety of topics, often overlooking the most important one: Ourselves. This workshop will teach us things about ourselves we may have never known.

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