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Wednesday26Oct.3:00 p.m.Wednesday5:30 p.m.Opening Session 1A

Wednesday26Oct.5:45 p.m.Wednesday6:15 p.m.Creed Speaking LDE: Finals

Wednesday26Oct.6:30 p.m.Wednesday8:30 p.m.Agricultural Communications CDE: Finals

Thursday27Oct.7:30 a.m.Thursday9:30 a.m.Opening Session 1B

Thursday27Oct.10:15 a.m.Thursday12:15 p.m.Delegate Session I

Thursday27Oct.10:30 a.m.Thursday12:00 p.m.Extemporaneous Public Speaking LDE: Finals

Thursday27Oct.1:30 p.m.Thursday4:00 p.m.Second General Session

Thursday27Oct.2:00 p.m.Thursday3:30 p.m.Prepared Public Speaking LDE: Finals

Thursday27Oct.5:00 p.m.Thursday7:00 p.m.Agricultural Issues Forem LDE: Finals

Thursday27Oct.6:30 p.m.Thursday9:00 p.m.Third General Session

Friday28Oct.7:30 a.m.Friday10:00 a.m.Fourth General Session

Friday28Oct.8:00 a.m.Friday10:00 a.m.Conduct of Chapter Meetings LDE: Finals

Friday28Oct.10:45 a.m.Friday12:45 p.m.Delegate Session II

Friday28Oct.11:00 a.m.Friday1:00 p.m.Marketing Plan CDE: Finals

Friday28Oct.2:00 p.m.Friday4:15 p.m.Fifth General Session

Friday28Oct.3:00 p.m.Friday5:00 p.m.Parlimentary Procedure LDE: Finals

Friday28Oct.6:45 p.m.Friday9:00 p.m.Sixth General Session

Friday28Oct.10:00 p.m.Friday11:59 p.m.Delegate Session III (if needed)

Saturday29Oct.7:30 a.m.Saturday10:00 a.m.American FFA Degree Ceremony

Saturday29Oct.11:00 a.m.Saturday1:30 p.m.Seventh General Session

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