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Get assistance below to Frequently Asked Questions. 

When will the 2020 National FFA Convention & Expo take place?2020-09-14T11:17:36-04:00

The 2020 National FFA Convention & Expo will occur virtually Oct. 27-29, 2020.

When does registration open?2020-09-14T16:59:41-04:00

Registration for all participants will open Sept. 22 at 6 p.m. EDT.

How many log-in credentials are included with an exhibitor booth?2020-09-04T14:53:36-04:00

Each exhibitor will receive 4 registrations to access their booth and live chat. If additional registrations are needed, they can be purchased for $20 per registration through the convention website.

What are the deadlines for exhibitors to submit design assets?2020-09-04T15:44:29-04:00

Sept. 11 — All logos, fonts, links and documents due from exhibitors.
Sept. 18-25 — First proofs are provided to exhibitors.
Oct. 2 — Feedback and changes are due back from exhibitors.
Oct. 9 — All final changes are due. No changes can be made after this date.

What are the hours for the expo?2020-09-04T14:49:19-04:00

The expo will be open 24hrs a day once the show opens and will remain open for one month after the show closes. Live chat sessions will be promoted four times a day during the 3 day live event at 10:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m., 2:30 p.m., and 6:30 p.m. (Times listed in EDT).

How do I become an exhibitor in the virtual FFA expo?2020-09-14T12:50:09-04:00

The expo hall for the 2020 National FFA Convention & Expo hosted virtually is now closed. Contact expo@ffa.org for questions.

What are dates for the 93rd National FFA Convention & Expo?2020-09-04T14:34:38-04:00

The 93rd National FFA Convention & Expo will be held virtually Oct. 27-29, 2020.

What type of media can be used for the booth design?2020-09-04T15:46:44-04:00

Exhibitors can submit videos, graphics, photos, links and documents for their unique site. More details on what and how to submit can be found in the virtual exhibitor kit.

What type of attendee data will be provided to exhibitors?2020-09-04T15:48:17-04:00

Exhibitors will receive a high-level report of unique site visits in a post-convention report. Exhibitors wishing to collect detailed contact info of attendees will need to do so via an external link.

Is the virtual expo open to the public?2020-09-04T15:48:57-04:00

No. The virtual expo is only available to registered attendees of the 93rd National FFA Convention & Expo.

How will exhibitors navigate text and video chat with attendees?2020-09-04T15:52:18-04:00

More information will be coming soon about live chat options to connect exhibitors with attendees. An informational session hosted by FFA will take place in early October to help exhibitors navigate these features.

I still have questions. Who should I contact?2020-09-14T11:25:57-04:00

For any additional questions, contact thale@ffa.org.

Is there a registration process for the 2020 National FFA Convention & Expo?2020-09-14T12:11:06-04:00

Registration will open on Sept. 22 at 6 p.m. EDT. Registration will include full access to all interactive and on-demand activities. The live broadcast of the general sessions will be available without a paid registration.

Registration is offered in tiered, flat-rate pricing based on total individuals participating from each chapter/group. A registration code and link to the virtual convention and expo will be provided in the confirmation email and will need to be shared with each individual participating from a chapter/group. Individuals will enter the registration code and be prompted to provide their name and email. After this initial log-in step has been made, each time an individual comes back to the site to participate in convention, they will only need to enter their name and email. Click here for rate information.

As the advisor, can I use my email address for each student when they enter the virtual convention and expo?2020-09-18T11:20:51-04:00

Each person must provide their name and a unique email address to complete their entry into the virtual convention and expo. The same email address cannot be used for multiple individuals. Instructions can be found in your registration confirmation email.

How can I verify that my technology is set up to view or participate in the virtual convention and expo?2020-09-14T12:32:42-04:00

A Convention Implementation Guide will be made available on Oct. 1 that will give technology instructions to best view and participate in the virtual convention and expo.

Can a state register their entire state for the virtual convention and expo?2020-09-14T12:33:25-04:00

State staff may register state staff, state officers and delegates to participate in the virtual convention and expo. The state registration options will be tiers 1-4, with pricing ranging from $50 – $200 based on the selected tier.

How can I watch the live broadcast of the general sessions, and is there a fee to watch?2020-09-14T12:35:35-04:00

The live broadcast of the general sessions is offered at no fee and does not require a registration. Viewing is available through RFD-TV, The Cowboy Channel, RFD-TV’s streaming service RFD-TV Now, The Cowboy Channel plus apps, convention.ffa.org and YouTube.

Will official delegate business or national officer elections still occur?2020-09-14T12:36:25-04:00

Yes, delegates will meet virtually to handle the official business of the organization, including electing a new National FFA Officer Team.

What happens if I previously qualified to attend the 2020 National FFA Convention & Expo through an award or recognition program?2020-09-14T12:45:27-04:00
  • The national awards judging for National FFA Agriscience Fair, National Chapter Awards, Agricultural Proficiency Awards and American Stars will take place virtually during the week of Sept. 21.   Final award announcements and special recognition will be during the virtual convention. For specific details on the judging process and recognition, information can be found in the specific packets linked below.
  • Orientation packets for National Chapter Awards, National FFA Agriscience Fair and Agricultural Proficiency Awards have been posted to the respective program pages. Students and advisors were notified on Tuesday, Sept. 1, via email with this information.
  • National career and leadership development events national qualifiers will be recognized for their efforts as well. Please check the career and leadership development events webpage for more specific information coming soon.
Will National FFA help pay any cancellation fees or penalties for travel arrangements I have already made?2020-09-14T16:55:14-04:00

The timing of the decision to host the 2020 National FFA Convention & Expo virtually this fall reduces the likelihood of attendees incurring travel costs for the event. However, National FFA is unable to provide financial assistance for travel fees or penalties.

Will there be an in-person National FFA Convention & Expo in 2021?2020-09-14T12:47:15-04:00

Yes, we plan to return to Indianapolis for the 94th National FFA Convention & Expo with an energetic, in-person experience Oct. 27 – 30, 2021.

I have additional questions. Who do I ask?2020-09-14T12:50:43-04:00

For general inquiries, contact National FFA Customer Support.